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Tips & Tricks

Make sure your tape is suitable for the job in hand, using the wrong tape on any surface will not have the desired effect. Deltec Tapes are versatile and highly engineered products but only guarantee excellence when used on the right surface for each tape.

Always go to the effort of making sure the surface is free of dust, oil and moisture for the best results. Always press firmly when applying tape and be sure to spread the pressure evenly over the whole length of the piece you are using.  A good tip here is to press until your thumb nail goes ‘white’ at the end, this should be plenty of pressure.

Please make sure the tape is gently and evenly removed under 45 degrees. This way you will get the best finish.

Always store in a cool (between 10℃ and 20℃), dark and dry location to keep quality at an optimal level. We advise to apply the tape within 12 months.









What are the most sensitive surfaces for taping? 
The most sensitive surfaces are metal, wood, fresh paint, wallpaper and natural stone.

Can I tape on natural stone surfaces?
Artificial or natural stone surfaces require particular care, because they tend to give the most problems. Within a short amount of time, a difference in colour can arise around the tape, due to the stone underneath the tape being cut-off from the air. Please contact one of our professionals for further advice.

Do I need to treat the surface before I start taping?
Always check the surface before applying the tape. Make sure the surface is free of dust, oil or moisture for optimal adhesion and the best finish.


Does the weather have an influence on the tape?
Yes it does. Especially moisture, UV exposure and temperature changes have a direct influence on the tape. Always check that the properties of the tape (e.g. UV resistance duration) is going to satisfy the job at hand. If you have any doubt, please contact us so we can help you choose the right tape!




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